Cote St. Luc to make wearing masks mandatory in public areas


The city of Cote St. Luc is getting ready to pass a bylaw that will make the wearing of face coverings mandatory in stores and other public spaces.

The bylaw, expected to be passed by Cote St. Luc's council by June 1, will compel business owners and building owners to ensure anyone who goes in and uses common spaces wears a mask.

Cote St. Luc mayor Mitchell Brownstein says as the province begins the process of reopening businesses and services, the idea is to protect people, especially seniors.

"In order to help the businesses succeed, we want people to feel comfortable," says Cote St. Luc mayor Mitchell Brownstein. "So we are passing a by law that will require that all businesses have their customers wear masks when they enter."

Condo and building owners will also have to put up hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrances to buildings, and outside elevators.

Once the bylaw passes, building owners will be sent letters on what will be expected of them. Meanwhile, Brownstein says the city has plans to provide masks for those who don't have them.

"If you walk around the city of Cote St. Luc today, you'll see that close to 50 percent of the people are already wearing masks," he says. "And I think the message is very clear, that that is the way to be respectful for others. We have the highest percentage of seniors in the province, and we don't want to transmit the virus to them."

Within the next few weeks, businesses and building owners will have to make sure customers...or anyone using common areas...wears a mask.

Brownstein says the city hasn't figured out what kinds of penalties business and building owners could face if people are caught there without face coverings, but he says the bylaw isn't designed to punish.

"The purpose of this bylaw is to educate, and try to enforce, voluntarily, through condo associations, property owners, and business owners, telling their customers to do the right thing. Respect others, and ensure that we don't spread the virus, especially to our elder population."


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