Could a comedian become leader of the PQ? Youth wing points to Ronald Reagan as a precedent

Comedian Guy Nantel plans to run for the leadership of the Parti Québécois. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes)

Guy Nantel’s bid to become the next leader of the Parti Quebecois is being tentatively welcomed by members of the party’s youth wing.

On the eve of a conference in Montreal, no members expressed any doubt about the comedian’s ability to grow in the political arena and possibly beat Premier Francois Legault or whichever Liberal wins that party’s leadership race.

Nantel will be present at the conference on Saturday, along with other candidates for the position.

One member of the PQ’s youth wing, Jacques Martin, said he has “no bias” in the race yet.

He said he could see himself considering either Nantel, MNA Sylvain Gaudreault or lawyer Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Martin acknowledged Nantel has a reputation but compared him to former American president Ronald Reagan, who started his career as an actor.

“We shouldn’t belittle him because he’s a humorist, we must listen to what he has to say.”

Vincent Vallee said Nantel isn’t his number one choice but “I would still stay in the party if he’s elected.”

Nantel, Gaudreault and St-Pierre Plamondon are joined in the leadership race by historian Frederic Bastien and businessman Laurent Vezina.


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