Court fight over Plateau softball field now scheduled for January


Some Montreal softball players fighting the city of Montreal over the loss of their longtime softball field will have to wait a few more months for their day in court.

Last summer, the city demolished the northern softball field at Jeanne Mance Park in the Plateau Mont-Royal, citing safety concerns.

A lawyer for the players disputes the claims and also alleges the city didn't go through the proper channels.

Those arguments were supposed to be heard in court today.

But the judge said he wanted them to have more time to debate the matter and postponed the case to January.

The judge also expressed concern that it may be premature to hear the case before the city announces its master plan for the whole park.

The lawyer for the city said in court that there have been public hearings about that plan and that it may not be the court's role to decide what's best.

About a dozen supporters of the softball field showed up for today's hearing.