COVID-19 patients going in public has Granby considering crackdown

Officials in Granby are considering extraordinary measures to curb COVID-19, saying some people who are infected have been visiting public places.

The city is home to at least 20 confirmed cases and has set up tents outside the Granby Hospital as a testing area.

“We're doing a lot to secure the population but still, some people walk with the disease right now,” said Mayor Pascal Bonin. “The message is not getting to a small portion of the population and that is a little bit scary for the rest of us.”

The province has said it's willing to grant Granby police special powers to deal with the situation. As of Saturday, Premier Francois Legault said police can be called if an infected person refuses repeated orders to stay home.

“Except for a very, very few exceptions, we decided that goodwill is the best approach and so far we'll continue to ask for the collaboration of all Quebecers,” said Legault.

On Friday, Quebec City police arrested a woman who had tested positive for the virus and had left her home, despite orders to self-isolate.

Granby has closed most shops and public services and cordoned off playgrounds and other gathering places. But public health officials said some of the infected who have ventured out didn't yet know they had the virus. Once case involved a child who visited a pool one day before it was closed to the public. Coaches on the swim team have reached out to families to warn them to monitor for symptoms.