Customers who need it will be served in English, no matter what: Hydro-Quebec CEO

Hydro Quebec (CJAD)

The CEO of Hydro-Quebec says it's her responsibility to offer services in English to anyone who needs it, despite suggestions from the Legault government's language minister that it may consider withholding those services in an upcoming reinforcement of the province's language laws.

"Since people are obligated to do business on the power side with Hydro-Quebec, they have no choice [but to deal with Hydro-Quebec]," Sophie Brochu told CJAD 800's Elias Makos. "I mean, I cannot serve people in German, I cannot serve in Spanish, but I believe if somebody needs English, [and they're dealing] with a monopoly, and they don't have the choice, I think it is our responsibility to provide them with an adequate level of language answers."

Language minister Simon Jolin-Barrette had long suggested Quebec's language laws were ripe for an update, and recently he had suggested that such an update would be tabled in a matter of weeks.

Last November, Jolin-Barrette had suggested that among the changes he was planning was that government communications, such as Hydro bills, would only be provided in French to Quebec newcomers, though he added that "the historic English minority" would still be entitled to get such communication in English.


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