Death toll continues to rise at Quebec City hospital hit hard by COVID-19

Four new deaths attributable to COVID-19 have been reported at the Jeffery Hale Hospital in Quebec City, the hardest-hit care centre in the capital region.

Since the start of the crisis, COVID-19 has resulted in 65 deaths in the Quebec City area; more than half of them, 37, were at Jeffery Hale.

The capital region has 961 people infected with COVID-19. At Jeffery Hale, 93 patients and 91 employees have so far tested positive.

About 10 days ago, François Desbiens, the regional director of public health for Quebec City, estimated it would take another two or three weeks, or even four, before the end of the outbreak Jeffery Hale, given the length of the coronavirus incubation period.

The Jeffery Hale Hospital, located in the Saint-Sacrement district, offers a variety of primary health care services in French and English. It notably houses a day centre for seniors; geriatrics is one of its medical specialities.

Elsewhere in the capital region, the health crisis at Maison Paul-Triquet, not far from the Jeffery Hale Hospital, is also causing concern. On Tuesday, 33 of the patients and 32 of the employees of this long-term care facility, or CHSLD, had tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID-19 has so far killed 13 people at Maison Paul-Triquet.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 6, 2020.


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