Dentists not prepared for June 1 reopening


Dentists across the province say there is not enough time to prepare for taking patients starting June 1. They say there are many protocols that need to be put in place but most importantly say they don’t have the proper PPE supplies. 

“The products aren’t available. N95 masks have been purposely put toward the hospital sector” says Dr Michael Wiseman, associate professor of the McGill faculty of Dentistry. 

“We amongst all other professions create the greatest amount of aerosols. Our tools will create a tremendous amount of those aerosols that we are going to breathe, our patients are going to breathe and the next patient who enters the room may breathe it.” Wiseman adds.

“We don’t have N95’s, air scrubbers, surgical gowns or face shields.”

Wiseman says the Order of Dentists published a 57-page guideline on May 16 and the government announced they will reopen on June 1. “It’s not enough time. We were blindsided” says Wiseman. 

“I’m really really worried about the possible spread of COVID to my staff, my patients, and my family.” 


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