Did the windstorm damage your home? Will your insurance cover that damage?


Did you suffer damage from last week's fierce windstorm? Be aware — there are certain things your insurance will, and won't cover.

Obviously, to make absolutely sure, you would need to check your policy, but Pierre Babinsky with the Insurance Bureau of Canada told CJAD 800's Trudie Mason that generally speaking, there are some instances where you would be able to claim damages.

"If a tree fell on your fence, that would probably be covered, but if the tree just fell in your yard without damaging anything, that would not be covered," Babinsky says, adding you would most likely have to pay out of pocket to have the tree's remains carted away. "If the tree fell on your house and caused damaged, then that would be covered."

Meanwhile, another consideration that comes up after this kind of a storm — what happens if you wind up losing hundreds of dollars' worth of food in your fridge or freezer because of an extended power outage?

"Usually, your basic home insurance policy will cover the contents of your fridge and freezer," Babinsky says. "Most insurers will cover it for up to $1,000. But you have to remember that the deductible applies."

Babinsky suggests you document your damage as well as you can before calling your insurer.