Dog that bit Montreal woman ordered to wear a muzzle while city investigates

After a Montreal woman was bit by a dog while walking on a path in Montreal over the weekend, the city has issued an order to muzzle the dog when it’s outdoors while officials conduct an investigation.

In a response to a request from CTV News, city spokesperson Karla Duval said in an email that a prevention officer contacted Vanessa Piliguian about the process underway and all people involved will be contacted by the city as part of the investigation.

The email said city officials have spoken with the owner of the dog, a Malinois (Belgian Shepherd), involved in the attack and that preventive conditions have been imposed, "including the obligation for the dog to wear a muzzle when outside the guardian's home."

The order was issued under the Règlement sur l'encadrement des animaux domestiques bylaw. 

Piliguian, in her 20s, was walking on a path Sunday with her boyfriend when she said a dog that appeared to be a German Shepherd attacked her

"I was in shock, screaming at the top of my lungs saying my boyfriend's name. I threw my Bixi bike right on the corner,” she said in an interview Monday.

She said the dog was on a leash when it snapped, but said the owner couldn’t control the animal and with the path being so narrow, she couldn’t get away.

She said at first the dog didn’t let go and when the dog finally did she was left with a deep cut that required stitches as well as bruises. 

Under new regulations that went into effect last January, dogs that weigh more than 44 pounds must wear a harness when being walked. According to Piliguian, the dog appeared to weigh more than that and wasn't wearing a harness.

The bylaw states a muzzle is only mandatory if the dog is being evaluated as potentially dangerous. Since the attack, the couple has called for stricter rules to be implemented to keep people safe.

The city's investigation is ongoing. 

With files from CTV Montreal's Amanda Kline


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