Dollard-des-Ormeaux couple contesting curfew tickets, says police too heavy handed


A Dollard-des-Ormeaux woman said she will fight the $3100 worth of tickets she and her husband got for coming home during Quebec's new curfew from New Brunswick where they were caring for her elderly father.

"They ask you not to travel unless it's required in my case it was required," said Melissa Calhoun. "We were not going on vacation - I spent three weeks taking care of my elderly father."

Calhoun said they thought they'd get home in time on their way home Saturday night with their three children but delays involving their children meant they were out two hours after curfew.

Calhoun even had documentation showing they had permission to enter New Brunswick which has its own travel restrictions. Calhoun said they thought the Quebec curfew exemption for travel from an airport or train station would apply to them as well. 

"We also assumed they would use better judgement and say, look these people aren't stopping anywhere, they're not purposefully rebelling against the rules, they're just delayed because they have three kids," said Calhoun.

"They asked to see every single piece of documentation that we had, they saw it and they issued a ticket anyway."

Police say the burden is on you to prove you're breaking curfew for good reason.

Criminal defence lawyer Steven Slimovitch said in such a case, you may have to show you left in plenty of time to beat the curfew. But he also denounced the rules which can create confusion among the population.

Calhoun said they have no choice but to contest the ticket.

"$3100 is not a small amount of money especially when you have three children," said Calhoun.

"We had seen on the news our premier saying cops will use their judgement. I do not feel any type of judgement was used because they were not wanting to hear anything."


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