Dorval decries another surge of fake news

City of Dorval website

The City of Dorval is once again battling a bit of fake news that has popped up on the web every now and then over the past three years.  

It's a story circulated via social media that claims Dorval's mayor stood up to Muslim families who were demanding the removal of pork from the menus of school cafeterias.  

Even though there is absolutely no truth to it, the story is regularly shared internationally on the internet, particularly by far right and anti-immigration groups.  

Dorval tells La Presse that the mayor sometimes gets congratulatory emails, obliging the city to set the record straight once again.

The story has been debunked on a number of truth-seeking websites, including and

The Snopes entry notes that the first version of the fake news story named the mayor of Ath in Belgium and a third, more recent, version names the mayor of Maryborough in Australia. 


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