Dozens of dogs from South Korean meat farm coming to Montreal for adoption

Two puppies rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm enjoy peaceful foster care in Ottawa, Feb. 23, 2016

Dozens of dogs being bred for meat will be flown to Montreal to find new homes.

In a statement released Wednesday, Humane Society International said more than 70 dogs were rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm and puppy mill. Among the breeds found were poodles, beagles, golden retrievers, pomeranians and Boston terriers.

“In rows of dilapidated cages, surrounded by animal waste, junk and garbage, some dogs were destined for the slaughterhouse, and others the unscrupulous puppy mill trade,” HSI said in the statement.

The dogs were taken to a South Korean boarding facility where they will receive medical check-ups. Once cleared, they will be flown to Humane Society International Canada's emergency shelter in Montreal.

According to HSI, over 450 dogs bred for the meat trade have passed through the Montreal facility on their way to being adopted.

“We are so relieved to know that these dogs, who have endured such misery, are safe at last. But millions more are still confined on dog meat farms in South Korea and this industry needs to be shut down for good. We urge South Korea to follow the example of the two cities in China that have recently banned dog meat trade, and end this suffering forever,” said Emilie-Lune Sauve of HSI Canada.

According to HSI, around 2 million dogs are bred for their meat in South Korea each year.


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