Dozens of drivers ticketed for not clearing snow off large vehicles after last week's snowfall

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The Local Journalism Initiative

MONTREAL — After a major snowfall last week, Quebec's automobile insurance board (the SAAQ) handed out dozens of tickets to drivers of heavy trucks who didn't clear off their vehicles.

A total of 88 tickets were handed out, along with 76 notices of non-compliance, on Jan. 18

The province’s Highway Safety Code stipulates that driving with a vehicle covered in snow, ice or any other material that can come loose and present a danger to road users is prohibited.

Fines range from $60 to $100, plus fees.

The SAAQ wants to remind all drivers that snow-covered headlights, taillights and windows reduce a driver's field of vision. A snow-covered vehicle is also less visible to other road users.

In addition, snow or ice, particularly on a heavy vehicle, can present a danger to other road users. Blowing snow off a vehicle can dramatically reduce visibility for drivers travelling behind a heavy truck or car, while loose pieces of ice can injure pedestrians, damage cars and even cause accidents. 


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