Driver fined more than $1,000 for going 154 km/h on Quebec highway

Yet another driver with a lead foot was caught speeding in Quebec – this one going 154 kilometres per hour on a highway near Quebec City on Monday.

Police stopped the 35-year-old woman on Autoroute 540 North, which has a speed limit of 90 km/h. They issued the driver 14 demerit points, a fine totalling $1,233, and revoked her licence for seven days. 

As the COVID-19 virus forces people indoors, reports of excessive speeding have become common in recent weeks across Quebec among motorists and motorcyclists alike, though provincial police haven’t been able to confirm if this is out of the ordinary. 

“At the moment, we can’t provide statistics about speeding because they’re not compiled yet," Ann Mathieu of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) told CTV News. "Because there are less vehicles on the road now, it might seem like there are more speeding cases than usual, but we don’t know for sure.” 

Among the most extravagant cases are ones in which drivers have been fined upwards of $2,000, and others in which they have died. 

On Wednesday, a motorcyclist driving without a licence and registration was caught on a trucker's dash cam flying over the side of a railing after crashing into it. Police said at the time that speed may have been a factor in the accident. According to Quebec provincial police Sgt. Claude Denis, the driver suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital.


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