English Montreal School Board to vote on withdrawing statement denying Quebec nationhood

The English Montreal School Board (EMSB) is deciding whether to revoke a particular clause in a document outlining the board's opposition to Quebec's Bill 96.

The clause in question, which was published Tuesday, denied Quebec's status as a nation, sparking outrage from the Bloc Québécois.

The board will meet on Saturday morning to vote on withdrawing the clause, EMSB spokesperson Mike Cohen confirmed.

"Quebec is not a 'nation,'" read the statement in question. "It never has been... Calling oneself something does not make it so and Quebec's intelligentsia is deliberately misusing the word "nation," so as to imply a reality that exists only in their self-mirage. The only precise word to use regarding Quebec's reality is 'province.'"

The EMSB is not voting to recognize Quebec as a nation, but rather to decide if the offending clause should be removed, said Cohen.

The meeting will be cast on the EMSB website.  


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