ER nurses stage 2nd sit-in in as many weeks at Lakeshore General to protest ongoing staff shortage


Nurses at the Lakeshore General's ER held another sit-in over the weekend - the second in two weeks, upset that they are forced to work in an overcrowded emergency room without enough staff.

A source at the Lakeshore General ER reached out to, saying that working under such conditions puts the safety of patients and staff on the line and a sit-in is the only way to get their message out.

The regional health authority confirms there was a sit-in this past Saturday but that they were able to redirect other staff to the ER to make sure patient safety wasn't compromised.

In a statement, the health authority said they are aware of the difficult situation faced by ER nurses and that they, along with the union, created a committee over the summer to recruit new nurses to help out. It adds that the ER overcrowding situation and staff shortage is something that's happening in most hospitals.

The nurses' union told CJAD 800 there was some confusion over management allegedly threatening nurses with loss of seniority, saying there was no loss of seniority and no sanctions.

Another sit-in was held last Saturday - the union said the ER was at 120% capacity at the time and they only had 10 nurses when they're supposed to have a minimum of 14.

This past Saturday, the situation happened again. The source at the ER said there were 13 nurses for 41 patients in the afternoon and that went down to 11 nurses later that evening.

The union said in a statement that there continues to be a crying lack of ER nurses who are overworked without breaks and shortened lunch hours. It said that they still see more nurses  calling in sick and quitting over the situation.

It's the fifth such sit-in at the Lakeshore so far this year.


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