Felled tree frustrates NDG family

An NDG family said city workers failed to remove a massive tree knocked down in Nov. 1's windstorm for over a week.

MONTREAL -- A week after a windstorm knocked down 250 trees in Montreal crews are still out cleaning up the debris but some of the work has left an NDG family frustrated.

On Nov. 1 the storm knocked down one massive tree on Marlowe Ave., blocking the sidewalk and part of the street.

The tree was on the property of Julie Wiseman’s family and she said that while a city crew cut up most of the tree to allow traffic through, the rest was left on the sidewalk all week.

“It was amazing to see the crews come, cut a hole in the tree to let cars pass and went off,” said her husband, Robert Goodman. “There really wasn’t any trick or treating for anybody on this street because of it.”

While the family found humour in the situation, decorating the felled tree with Halloween decorations, they said the borough gave them no information about when the tree would be removed, despite repeated phone calls.

“The citizens and taxpayers should get some sort of service and maybe somebody could come by and see if it should be a priority,” said Wiseman.

In an email a borough spokesperson said the tree only blocked the sidewalk and cars could still pass.

The remnants of the tree were removed on Saturday morning.


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