Flooded victims in Ile Bizard demand political action amid persisting high water levels

Flooding 4

As one resident put it, "it's not a good way to live and it's just been so long."

Residents of a flooded street in Ile Bizard say elected officials are neglecting them. 

Flooding on Barabé Crescent occured a month ago, but the water levels, which have receded in Montreal, are still high in Ile Bizard. 

"Everybody's very discouraged at the moment over all of this because now you can see there's like a slime building up on top of the water. It's not conducive to anybody's health or well being at all", said volunteer Scott Leggo, who spoke with CTV.

Mayor Norman Marinacci said recently all efforts were being made to help flood victims. 

Pumps and sandbags have been used to alleviate the situation, but not much has worked.

Referring to the mayor's efforts, Leggo said to CTV, "essentially, he's trying to empty a swimming pool with a straw". 

Showers are forecast in the coming days.


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