Flower delivery service shortchanges customers on Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day, when the COVID-19 pandemic limited how Quebecers could show their moms some love, many opted to order flowers online.

Those who turned to Bloomex – which calls itself Canada’s largest official florist – were nothing short of disappointed. 

Sylvana Barone ordered a bouquet of a dozen roses listed on the company’s website, but what was delivered was a bouquet of wilted lilies and other cheaper alternatives. 

“It ended up being not at all what we ordered,” Barone said. “Then my husband sent an email, I called, I eventually did get through to someone after being hung up on a few times.” 

Barone was told no one would be able to get back to her before Monday, but that her order would be investigated. 

The Alberta-based company has been open since 2005 and has a Pointe-Saint-Charles office. The Better Business Bureau reveals that it has received hundreds of complaints, and on social media, the feedback is scathing. 

@Bloomex_canada WHERE ARE OUR FLOWERS? Also, live chat? That doesn’t mean with a robot. Do you guys just steal money and then not respond? #fraud #MothersDay #canada #Toronto #flowers #coronavirus

— Linds W (@lindshopewalsh) May 11, 2020

Many have shared their experiences with the brand online by posting photos of what they ordered vs. what they received – and all of them have complained about the lack of customer service. 

CTV News’ attempts at contacting Bloomex were also unsuccessful. 

When Westmount florist Christine Pickrell saw the comparison photos, she voiced disapproval. 

“Horrible. Unacceptable, I would say.” 

Pickrell explained that brick-and-mortar stores were short on inventory this Mother’s Day because importing flowers has been nearly impossible throughout the pandemic. She wasn’t surprised her online competitors couldn’t deliver on their promises. 

“There was such a demand, a regular demand would have been big, but this was huge,” Pickrell said. “Many people were not able to go out and buy their mother a blouse, or take her for dinner, so online orders and phone calls to florists were huge this year.” 

Two days after Mother’s Day, Barone received an offer for a credit, but she remains unsatisfied. 

“At best I think it’s false advertising, at worst I think it’s taking advantage of customers during a time where everyone’s already dealing with a lot,” she said. 


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