Frustrated efforts to volunteer at CHSLD prompt South Shore man to get a job there instead


A South Shore air traffic controller got so fed up waiting to be accepted as a volunteer at a CHSLD that he got a job working there instead.

Pierre Gaumond said he signed up 2 weeks ago to help out,  ut no answer - his first request even getting lost in the system, Gaumond even trying different long term care homes without any luck.

 "I waited a a few times, a few days until I got pissed off and I said, Well, if I don't have answers, I will find a solution to get and being involved," said Gaumond in an interview with CJAD 800.

Gaumond finally applied for a job as a patient aide - no experience necessary -  through a listing he found on the website of the West Island regional health authority.  Two days later he was interviewed and hired - his first training session this weekend. He'll be donating his salary to a local food bank.

Gaumond tells others not to give up if they want to volunteer to help. He said despite the health risks to him and his wife, he wanted to do it especially for the residents.

"All their lives, they paid their taxes, they've been helping us and now it's our turn to help them," said Gaumond.


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