FTQ makes new wage proposals to Quebec government, including 12-per-cent raise for orderlies

In a major development in public sector negotiations, Quebec's largest labour union, the FTQ, has just tabled a new proposal for wages that does not differ much from that of the Quebec government.

The proposal provides for higher wage increases for orderlies than for other government employees, as Premier Francois Legault's government has been seeking.

Orderlies - who have been on the front lines of Quebec's health care network during the COVID-19 pandemic - would receive a 12-per-cent increase, which would bring their salaries, at the top of the scale, to $25 an hour, a target often mentioned by Legault.

Overall, for its 55,000 members in health, education and public services, the FTQ is seeking wage increases of 2 per cent a year over the life of a three-year contract.

In its most recent proposal, Quebec had offered yearly increases of 1.75 per cent, 1.75 per cent and 1.5 per cent.

The FTQ is also asking that an amount equivalent to 0.87 per cent of the overall payroll be spent on giving higher increases to the lowest-paid workers during the third year of the agreement.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 19,2020.


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