FUN: Canadians being Canadian


Welcome to the Right Foot, a segment featured every morning on CJAD 800's Andrew Carter Morning Show to help you start your day with a smile and get you off on, well, the right foot.

Leave it to a bunch of Canadians to go viral for being nice. 

It seems Canada and its people go viral for one of two reasons: it's cold or someone did something nice. In this case it's the latter.

Camellia Darwish captured a heartwarming moment in Mississauga during the crazy storm that hit parts of Ontario and Quebec over the weekend. In the video, a group of people on the street come together to create a shield for an older man trying to cross the street. Wind speeds were clocked at 120km/h during the storm, which is around the same mark in which a tropical storm becomes a hurricane.

It was the end of an era in New York City on Monday: the last of the city's public payphones was removed.

The bank of two phones, covered in graffiti as always, was ripped out of the ground on 7th Ave. and 50th St. in Midtown Manhattan. 

New York started pulling payphones and replacing them with public Wi-Fi hotspots seven years ago.

Now if for some reason you find yourself in New York City and are in absolutely need of a payphone, good news, there are four permanent "Superman" booths that will be sticking around.


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