FUN: Don't you hate roommates?

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An interesting screen grab of a text message exchange between roommates has led to quite the conversation online. Most of it is the same with people agreeing: roommates are the worst.

In this case a young woman was staying at her parents home for a couple of days when she received a text from her roommate, informing her she purchased Christmas decorations and that her share of the price tag is $36. 

Some people think it's no big deal, most side with the original poster who thinks it's not cool.

What say you?

Another amazing photo is making the rounds. A Reddit user posted a photo of his bathroom door, which he can't open because the drawer of his vanity slid open and it's right behind the door. It led to some interesting debate on how to open it, but also some helpful hints:

"Get a sharp item like a nail ,knife or ice pick an push the drawer back in inch by inch no problem." Not only did it work and help the user get into his bathroom, but additional marks on the drawer have him thinking the same thing happened to the previous tennant.

While the story did have a happy ending with no major property damage, I personally like this comment is the best.

"No no no...body-slamming the door to shatter the drawer and then repairing the damage is a much more entertaining method. I encourage OP to record this event and share it with us."