Grandparents can resume babysitting ... with some conditions


Quebec Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda gave Grandma and Grandpa some good news Thursday when he announced that under certain conditions grandparents can resume babysitting their grand kids.

"It's not the time to invite Grandma for supper if it's not to look after the kids," Dr. Arruda said.

Dr. Arruda and Family Minister Mathieu Lacombe said grandparents under 70-year-old and in good health can lend a helping hand and watch the kids of parents who need to return to work. Children being cared for by their grandparents must have remained in isolation for the past couple of weeks and if at any point they return to school or a daycare Dr. Arruda said the babysitting must end.

Lacombe said parents who decide to keep their children at home or with grandparents will still be able to keep their daycare spot in September, but will have to resume paying for the service by the summer. 

Earlier this week the Family Minister said once daycare services resume in Quebec spaces will be limited, with daycares operating at just 30 per cent. He urged Quebecers going back to work to keep their children at home or have a family member watch them in order to keep the limited spaces for the children of teachers and healthcare workers.


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