Green Party lacks presence in Quebec, supporters say

Green party leader Annamie Paul still hasn't campaigned in Quebec; she has yet to go anywhere outside the Toronto riding she hopes to win.

She defended this decision on Sunday morning's CTV Question Period.

"We're going to be spending the bulk [in Toronto], but I didn't rule out travelling to other ridings to support our candidates. I've also said many times that we've learned a lot about how you can support candidates and connect with voters across the country using modern techniques," she said.

But according to the Green Party, Paul hasn't held any virtual events with Quebec voters during the campaign.

Most candidate signs around Montreal are for other parties, and the greens only have candidates in 56 of Quebec's 78 ridings.

Quebec Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell says many supporters are discouraged by the party's lack of presence.

"It's very frustrating for us in the provincial party to watch what's happening in the Green Party of Canada, especially when we haven't been consulted on the platform or the election plans for Quebec," he said.

The environment is one issue that's top of mind for Quebec voters, but many just don't know much about the Green Party, its leader, or its platform.

One Montreal woman told CTV she "didn't even know there was someone running in the Green Party" this election.

Another Montrealer said the party doesn't "show enough national presence."

Party infighting dogged the Green Party before the Campaign, with Green MP Jeniaca Atwin joining the Liberals and Paul facing challenges to her leadership.

On Friday, Quebec Green candidate Dalila Elhak called Paul a "disgrace" after she mistakenly encouraged voters to support the Liberals.

Political commentator Tom Mulcair says the party has "blown itself up."

"They have nobody to blame but themselves, but this is going to be certainly their worst election since the Party was founded," he said.

Annamie Paul will visit Quebec on Wednesday, when she'll travel to Gatineau to participate in the first of two federal leader debates.


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