Ground-breaking for new Molson Coors brewery in Longueuil


As of this spring, you should be seeing construction ramp up and steel structures going up for Molson Coors' new brewery and distribution centre in Longueuil.

The mega brewery held a ground-breaking this morning at the site of its new plant in St. Hubert.

Officials praised the 800,000 square foot location as strategic, being close to Highways 10 and 30 as well the St. Hubert Airport and the Port of Montreal.

The company's brewery at the current site in Montreal on Notre Dame St. has been there for over 200 years.

$500M investment in new @MolsonCoors brewery/distribution centre in St. Hubert. 800,000 square feet of prime land near St. Hubert airport and Highways 10 & 30. 500-800 construction workers expected. #CJAD800

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) October 19, 2018

President Frederic Landtmeters made assurances the administrative offices would remain there.

He also reassured workers concerned about job losses once operations move to St. Hubert.

"What I can say today without quoting a precise number is that there are going to be hundreds of jobs on this site going forward. This is not going to be a brewery that's going to operate without the workers we currently have," Landtmeters told reporters.

.@MolsonCoors groundbreaking this morning for its new brewery & distribution centre in St. Hubert. Expected completion in 2021. #CJAD800

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) October 19, 2018

About 500-800 construction workers will be on the $500M project.

Pomerleau-Alberici are heading up the design and construction.

The design is expected to include nods to the current plant, including the clock and the red brick façade.

No one could say what would happen to the massive clock at the existing facility or what would happen to the Montreal site.

Geoff Molson, a seventh generation member of the Molson family, said "the plans are still in the works."

"Something that's going to represent Molson, that's been part of this community  for over 230 years and I think it's important to the city as well," said Molson.

Landtmeters said some ideas could include a museum or a microbrewery.

Romeo Vachon St. running right by site of new @MolsonCoors brewery/distribution centre renamed for founder John Molson. Building to incorporate bits of old plant on Notre Dame including clock & red brick façade. Still don't know what'll happen to the huge clock in Mtl. #CJAD800

— Shuyee Lee (@sleeCJAD) October 19, 2018

When Molson was asked if he was feeling nostalgic, ...

"It's definitely, it's a big change because we've been there for so many years, in Montreal for so many years, but we're going to make sure that that site is well taken care of as well and our heritage remains," said Molson.

In honour of the project, the city of Longueuil renamed Romeo Vachon St. that runs by the new site after Molson founder John Molson.

The building is expected to be high-tech with a zero waste landfill and LEEDS certification to make the facility energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Construction should be finished in 2021.


Shuyee Lee/.CJAD 800


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