Group robs an 84-year-old man of priceless watch

Eric Joong was getting his mail when a group pulled up in a car and stole his watch.

Thursday afternoon in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Brossard, a group of people in a car asked an 84-year-old man for directions while he was getting his mail, then stole his watch off his arm and fled.

The watch was a gift from the man's late wife about 50 years ago, and the family is devastated.

"I don't care about money," said Eric Joong. "I care about the watch, the memory. My wife, she's gone. Nothing now. Nothing left."

Longueuil Police said this type of crime is very rare particularly during broad daylight.

The family filed a police report in the hopes it can prevent something like this from happening again.

"I'm glad that my father didn't get hurt, but, at the same time, my mom had passed away and this is something that he held on for, something that she had given him," said his daughter Jeanne Joong.

His daughter questions what would have led the group to commit such a cowardly act, and how it could have happened in such a peaceful neighbourhood.

"He never goes anywhere by himself," said his daughter. "He's always with us, but I never dreamed it would happen right in front of his house in our quiet neighbourhood."