Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon, Canada's favourite travelling Bhangra teacher, is spreading hope and cheering on the Habs

Gurdeep Pandher — better known as “Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon” — has made it to Montreal, and just in time for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup final.

Who’s Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon, you ask?

He's a dance teacher-turned internet sensation, amassing thousands of followers through his Bhangra videos. Bhangra is a traditional Punjab folk dance which Pandher has been practicing since his youth.

After immigrating from Punjab to Canada and eventually settling in the Yukon, Pandher began travelling the country to teach dance and, as he puts it, “spread joy and positivity.”

“Now I have fans across the country, and I have lots and lots of fans here in Quebec, in Montreal,” he says.

Pandher danced in Mount Royal park Wednesday morning, posting a video to his Twitter and giving a shout-out to the Montreal Canadiens.

Hello Quebec, from Mount Royal Park in Montreal!
(Bonjour Québec, du parc du Mont-Royal!)
I am here for a few days for spreading joy, hope and positivity in Quebec, across Canada and beyond.
Best wishes, Montreal Canadiens!

— Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon (@GurdeepPandher) July 7, 2021

“I thought, ‘hey, the match is tonight, the game is tonight, so in the morning when I’m tweeting I shall send my best wishes,” he says.

A few hours later, Pandher kicked up a notch by throwing on a Habs t-shirt and dancing with a hockey stick in hand, to much applause from the Twitter-sphere.

Go Habs Go! @CanadiensMTL

— Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon (@GurdeepPandher) July 7, 2021

“I’m hoping that they’ll win and I’ll be able to celebrate while I’m in Montreal,” he said.

Pandher says COVID-19 has made him even more motivated to continue spreading the joys of Bhangra across the nation.

“Especially after the pandemic, when there were a lot of things going on, [I decided] to come to this part of the country to spread this message of happiness, hope, joy and positivity,” he said.


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