Habs cup run has jumpstarted food and drink sales across the country

It seems all it took was an unexpected Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup run to jumpstart the economy at bars and restaurants in the city's beleaguered downtown.

Data from Moneris, a company that analyzes credit and debit card purchases, showed that there was an 82 per cent increase in transaction volumes around the Bell Centre at 7:30 p.m. Friday night as fans got set to watch the first Stanley Cup final game in 28 years.

The increase jumped to over 100 per cent (106) at 10 p.m., as the game started to slip away from the Habs at the start of the third period.

While the Tampa Bay Lightning won in the end, bars and restaurants showed a 54 per cent increase at 11 p.m. within five kilometres of the arena.

Across Montreal, the increase was 101 per cent after the game, while the province showed a 82 per cent increase in transactions, as customers settled their tabs.

Across Canada, transactions were up 16 per cent post-game.


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