Having trouble finding a dog to adopt? Blame COVID-19


If you're looking to adopt a dog, you may have a tough time finding one - the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a shortage of dogs available for adoption.

Organizations such as Animatch, the Montreal SPCA and Pets Furever say many people adopted dogs early on in the pandemic as companions while public health restrictions put a hold on procedures to take in and shelter dogs as well as to fly in dogs from overseas rescue groups. The pandemic has also meant some people who may typically surrender their dogs are keeping them.

"People being at home, locked up, get bored and think it's a great idea to adopt dogs," said Animatch coordinator Andrea St-Pierre in an interview with CJAD 800.

St-Pierre said you can register with groups like theirs that help connect with animal rescues but that you should also look for dogs through word of mouth, re-homing of dogs or referrals through reputable organizations to avoid falling into the trap of disreputable operations.

"We don't want them to wait super long with us and then get discouraged and buy a dog off Kijiji or something," said St-Pierre.

"Puppy mills, mass mass breeders - they're going to be profiting from that."

Shelters are still handling emergencies and animals in distress.

St-Pierre and others are now worried that with back-to-school time and more people going back to work, they may see a spike in abandoned dogs.

"We're expecting a boom in the fall," said St-Pierre.


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