Healthcare workers who sterilize surgical instruments upset they're not getting COVID bonuses


Healthcare workers who clean and sterilize surgical instruments in hospitals are speaking out, saying it's unfair that they are also at risk of contracting COVID-19 but are not entitled to the bonuses paid out to front line workers and other healthcare staff.

The Quebec government promised 8% bonuses to front line workers in places such as ERs, ICU, CHSLDs and testing clinics. They also gave out 4% bonuses  to general workers in those areas.

The worker who wishes to remain anonymous to protect their job said that even cleaners in the operating room got the COVID lump sums while they got nothing.

"We deal more with cases with blood and bodily fluids. We may not be in direct contact with the patient but if housekeeping is getting it, even light housekeeping, in the operating room, if they're getting it, I don't know why we're omitted," said the worker who reached out to

The worker, part of the Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR) unit, said he feels it's disrespectful to their profession.

The health ministry tells CJAD 800 while they recognize the work they do, the 8% bonus is reserved for front line workers but insists sterilization workers are eligible for the 4% bonus. 

Interventional radiology technologists have also spoken out, saying they should also receive the bonuses.



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