Hefty fines for Montrealers illegally hunting in Saskatchewan

Migratory birds (Flickr)

Five men from the Montreal region have been fined more than $47,000 after admitting to multiple illegal hunting infractions in southern Saskatchewan that included wasting migratory birds.

The five entered guilty pleas on Thursday in Moose Jaw provincial court to dozens of charges under federal and provincial regulations.

The court heard that tips which surfaced in 2016 regarding unlawful hunting led to a two-week surveillance operation last fall involving two separate groups of hunters in the Moose Jaw and Parkbeg areas.

A search of a vehicle and trailer belonging to one of the accused showed the men were also shooting protected species and illegally hunting big game animals.

Criminal Code charges were laid for causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or bird.

The largest single fine was $18,310 and the smallest was $5,400.