Horse collapses after sleigh ride at cabane à sucre

Horse sleigh

A video posted online over the weekend has many upset after a horse at a cabane à sucre collapsed while hitched to a cart.

The incident took place at the Constantin sugar shack in Saint-Eustache on Saturday.

In a social media post, a woman films a horse that appears to be having some difficulty breathing after pulling a sleigh. Moments later the video cuts and the horse is on the ground and looks to be having trouble standing again.

The video was viewed and shared by thousands; many attacking the sugar shack for even offering sleigh rides, which run every 15 minutes.

Management at Constantin suspended the rides following the incident.

"Since this activity is offered by a subcontractor, we want to use experts to evaluate the quality of care provided to the animals in question," managers wrote on Facebook. "Abuse is not tolerated by our company."

The sugar shack said all sleigh rides have been suspended until animal welfare experts examine the horse.

"We want to assure all our customers that [the horse's] health and well-being is very important to us, and that we will only resume this activity when conditions are in order."

After the horse was unhitched it was able to stand up.

In a later update the Constantin Facebook page said the horse was doing better but did not want to confirm its health status until it was looked at by experts, which will happen Monday.


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