How much income does it take to avoid poverty in Quebec in 2020?


To avoid poverty in 2020, a household of two adults and two children would need $61,009 in Montreal and $60,280 in Quebec, according to a new study.

The Institute for Research and Socio-Economic Information (IRIS) has published, as it has every year since 2015, its sustainable income index.

It is an index that calculates the income a household should have to not only meet its basic needs but to get out of poverty with a little bit of leeway.

According to IRIS, a household of two adults and two children would need $61,124 in Gatineau, $58,249 in Sherbrooke, $64,069 in Saguenay, $57,900 in Trois-Rivieres and $ 66,036 in Sept-Iles.

In an interview on Wednesday, researcher Eve-Lyne Couturier, explained that this income makes it possible to have a "dignified, reasonable life," to provide room for manoeuvre for the unexpected and to add a monthly outing to the restaurant, as well as to buy coffee, chocolate from time to time.

A single person would need $27,948 in Montreal and $27,409 in Quebec to avoid poverty, IRIS found.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 6, 2020.


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