Île Bizard residents say city has been slacking on post-flood cleanup

Ile Bizard

A small community at the north end of Île Bizard say it feels the City of Montreal has hung them out to dry.

The flood waters from April have receded back into the Lake of Two Mountains, but a mountain of used sandbags, still litters their front yards and driveways.

"It's the smell, and it's looking at it, and it's just a constant reminder of everything that we've been through," says Krista Urban, who says she and her neighbors on Barabé Cres. have been calling the city for weeks, asking when the thousands of sandbags that have been laid down to keep the flood waters at bay will be picked up.

She doesn't like the answer she's been getting.

"We've got close to 10,000 sandbags. I said, 'please you've to to come and get them,'" Urban said, "'Well, Madame, somebody's come and get them between now and St. Jean Baptiste weekend.' And I thought, you've gotta be kidding me. That's a few weeks away. I don't want to sit here and look at this every day. We want to get on with our lives."

The piles of sandbags are five feet high in many places along the small waterfront road. Many of the storm drains are still backed up, and city garbage trucks refuse to pick up the piles of debris that washed in off the lake.

Urban says the whole community is fed up and feeling abandoned.

CJAD 800's Matt Gilmour contributed to this report.