Ile-Bizard woman wins months-long fight to not have a tree planted on her property

Rosalind Belgrave lives on a quiet street in Ile Bizard, and something caught her eye that was not on her manicured yard before.

"They deposited a tree on my lawn on Monday, and I put a request in three months ago NOT to put a tree in my yard," she said.

A red flag arose recently when a worker painted a green line in front of the spot where the tree would go three months ago.

She called the municipality and complained and was given a reference number.

Months of red tape ensued, and she called again.

"They gave me another reference number," she said.

For months, she called and left messages.

"No one is listening to me, and at all of the levels," she said.

The root of the issue is a green initiative by the City of Montreal. The borough has planted other trees on her street, and though the property is private, the borough does have a say over the area about a metre-and-a-half from the curb.

Belgrave does not want her view blocked, however.

"I try to maintain my property because I like to see it aesthetically pleasing to my eyes and the neighbour's eyes," she said.

She also doesn't want to rake leaves as she has mobility issues. The five other trees in her yard are evergreens.

She asked the city worker if he would help during the autumn.

"When the leaves start to fall, are you going to come rake the leaves?" she asked. "His response to me was, 'By the time it produces enough leaves to rake, you'll be dead.'"

Borough Mayor Normand Marinacci told CTV News that the issue had been resolved, and no tree will be planted on her property.

The question remains, though, where to put the sapling that has been on her yard since Monday. 


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