Judge requests additional witnesses to testify at bail hearing for man accused of kidnapping teen sister

A Montreal judge said she is not ready to make a ruling on a request to release a man accused of kidnapping his teenage sister.

Justice Joelle Roy cited the unusual nature of the case in withholding her decision and asked to hear more testimony from the alleged victim as well as her parents to get a fuller picture of the strange and violent incident.

"I want more information, this is a unique dossier with a whole societal and cultural backdrop," Roy told the court.

The accused, who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the victim, who is a minor, is among two other people charged in relation to the July 27 attack.

Two of the three men are brothers of the alleged victim.

The two brothers face charges of kidnapping, unlawful confinement, assault, threats and mischief.

A third accused, whose relation to the teen girl is not known, is also facing charges of kidnapping and unlawful confinement.

During the first day of the bail hearing on Thursday, the Crown painted a picture of a controlling family, saying surveillance footage at a Kirkland, Que. restaurant showed two men going inside, confronting the 16-year-old girl, twisting her arm, breaking her glasses and cell phone and leading her through the kitchen and out the back door. 

The footage showed two men leaving the scene with the teen girl. Prosecutor Bruno Menard said that car ended up at one suspect's home, where the victim's brothers allegedly threatened to kill the victim if she went to police.

According to Crown prosecutor, the brothers' controlling behaviour was allegedly condoned by their mother. Court heard that the brothers monitored her text messages and frequently turned off the WiFi at home, which caused her to fail school classes. The Crown also said her brother forbid her to work at night and even went to her workplace against her wishes and told her employer she had quit. 

During the bail hearing, the victim testified that her mother threatened to take steps to verify that she was still a virgin. 

The defence responded by telling the court it was unfortunate incident and noted the accused has no prior criminal record. The accused said he would abide by any conditions set by the court, but the judge said she wanted more evidence before arriving at a decision.

"I also have a duty to protect a 16-year-old girl," Roy said. "I want a global portrait of the family and what's going on."

The bail hearing will continue next week.

With files from CTV Montreal's Stephane Giroux and The Canadian Press


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