Just over 11,000 Quebec students sign up for homeschooling - more than double the number in 2019


Just over 11,000 Quebec students are being home schooled during the pandemic - more than double what it was last year, CJAD 800 has learned,

Quebec's education ministry told CJAD 800 that 11,046 students registered for home schooling for this school year, compared to about 5000 students in 2019.

That's out of 1.3 million students - so less than 1% of households making that decision for this year.

Some parents are now taking that step three weeks into the school year,  such as Patty in Dollard-des-Ormeaux who is concerned over the new rise in COVID cases and confused by what she calls mixed messages from the Quebec government. She's pulled her daughter out of kindergarten.

"They tell you you can have your kindergartener wear a mask but it's not mandatory. Well, I'm not sending my daughter to school wearing a mask when nobody else is. She's protecting them, they're not protecting her. Plus the whole bullying situation -  I don't want her to feel strange or different," said Patty who reached out to yourstory@cjad.com.

The DDO mom said she doesn't want to take any chances now.

"I'm 52 - I'm higher risk than most mothers. I have two members of the family (...) who work at Ste Justine - so they're in and out," she said.

Many parents on social media say work was a big factor in ruling out homeschooling. Another factor: getting kids into a normal schedule and having them socialize with other children.

Quebec's education ministry also said that medical exemptions were granted to just over 2800 students.


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