WATCH: Justin Trudeau being investigated for French-only responses

Justin Trudeau Town Hall

Justin Trudeau was asked many questions about his decision to speak only French at a town hall meeting in Sherbrooke Tuesday night, but now it appears he may have to answer a few more.

The office of the Commissioner of Official Languages has launched an investigation following three formal complaints lodged about the Prime Minister's choice of words.

Commissioner spokesperson Nelson Kalil confirmed the complaints were related to getting minority language services from federal workers.

Trudeau did not apologize for replying to Anglophone-Quebecers in French, but did say in hindsight he probably should have used both of Canada's official languages. He said going forward he will work to make his responses more bilingual regardless of where he is speaking.

Lost in the language kerfuffle is some of the questions that were asked at the meeting, including one of the English ones.

Judy Ross asked the Prime Minister about a lack of services for minority populations in the Eastern Townships, especially mental health services, which are available in French only.

Ross told The Aaron Rand show, while she was disappointed and miffed by Trudeau's response, she feels her original point of finding services in English off the island of Montreal is lost in the lack of translation.

"Mental health is a very difficult subject to discuss in a second language, it's hard to discuss in a first language. I'm really sorry that has been lost in this whole thing being a language issue" she said.


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