Justin Trudeau re-elected in Montreal riding of Papineau


Justin Trudeau has been re-elected in Papineau, with 51.2 per cent of the vote.

The Liberal leader had an early lead in his home riding Monday night, and it was enough for analysts to forecast his victory. 

He was first elected in Papineau in 2008 and was re-elected in 2011 before leading the Liberal party to a majority government in 2015. 

"My fellow Canadians, it has been the greatest honour of my life to serve you for these past four years," Trudeau said, addressing the crowd in his riding.

"Tonight, you're sending us back to work for you."

The Montreal riding is only nine square kilometres, making it the second-smallest federal electoral riding in the country, after Toronto centre.

Voting results predicted a Liberal minority government.

You can see election results live here.