Laval 3rd grader suspended for bringing knives to school

Laval Student Knife

Some parents of students at Père-Vimont elementary school in Laval are worried and questioning the way the school handled a recent incident involving a child in the third grade.

Last Thursday a student met with the school's principal after it became known the boy had a knife in his backpack. 

Hossein Shekari's 8-year-old daughter had been bullied by the boy, who was also in her class.

That afternoon Shekari brought up the incident during a parent-teacher meeting, and decided to search the boy's locker for himself. That's when he said he found a second knife.

Shekari said the school did not search the student's locker after confiscating the first weapon and did not do enough to inform parents of the potential danger.

The Laval School Board has confirmed two knives were found at Père-Vimont elementary and the student in question has been suspended indefinitely.

The Board is now working with the child's family, social services and Laval police to determine what should be done next.


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