Legault government needs to do more for anglos: rights group


The head of an umbrella organization representing anglo groups in Quebec said outreaching by the government's English secretariat is fine, but there's much more to it. 

Geoffrey Chambers, the president of the Quebec Community Groups Network, was a guest on Tuesday's edition of the Aaron Rand show.

"When they're bringing in legislation to get rid of our school boards, when they've already acted to just grab a bunch of schools that they have no legal right to grab, when they're introducing Bill 21, which has real issues in regard to the civil rights of our community and they won't talk about those really serious things with the elements of the community that are informed about those matters, it's a real problem", said Chambers.

In an open letter published in the Gazette, the QCGN said relations between the community and the government's point man dealing with anglophones have declined in recent months.

The point man, Christopher Skeete, says he's done a very good job. 

Bill 21 is Quebec's proposed secularism bill.

As well, the Legault has long talked about abolishing school boards and has threatened to transfer three English Montreal School Board schools to help an overcrowded French counterpart. 


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