Legault looking for 'zen' vibes and Masse gets caught cursing as the National Assembly session ends

On the last day of sesion at the National Assembly session Friday, Quebec Premier Francois Legault said he needs to find his 'zen' space, the opposition parties called out CAQ arrogance and Quebec Solidaire spokesperson Manon Masse got caught cursing with her mic on.


As the next election campaign approaches, Legault is expecting to face an increasingly aggressive opposition, which will test his ability to remain calm and collected.

"I have to be more zen," said Legault on Friday, as he reviewed the government's performance at the end of the current session at the National Assembly.

He described his temperament as "bloody," with a tendency to "show too much character."

He has therefore pledged to try not to get angry in the Salon Bleu in front of his political opponents, even when questions from his rivals upset him.

Recently, Legault has shown signs of impatience, including during the forced cabinet resignation of Economy Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon following a series of damning reports by the ethics commissioner. Fitzgibbon is close to the premier.

Leading in the polls, Legault said he wants to remain humble, not give in to the temptation of arrogance, and not take anything for granted as the next election approaches in October 2022.

He said he has no plans to reshuffle his cabinet in the short term, and outlined his five priorities for the next term: education, economy, health, environment and pride in Quebec. 

The premier plans to tour the regions of Quebec in mid-August, after taking a few weeks' vacation in the Eastern Townships and Charlevoix.


The three opposition parties gave their wrap-up briefings Friday before question period with all three parties calling out what they call the Legault government's arrogance, and pointing to a lack of collaboration from the CAQ.

The parties also talked about how the COVID-19 pandemic has given Legault an advantage because of an increase in visibility.


Manon Masse got carried away with a strong expletive in the Salon Bleu Friday during the last question period of the parliamentary session.

The parliamentary leader of Quebec Solidaire (QS) had not finished asking her question to Legault when she was interrupted by the President of the National Assembly, Francois Paradis.

Visibly disappointed at having run out of time, Masse let out a "calisse," which was picked up by the microphones and broadcast on the National Assembly's channel.

She was asking her last questions tp the premier as the parliamentary leader of QS, having recently announced that she would be giving up her seat to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois when the National Assembly resumes in September.

Before being interrupted, Masse listed various elements of Legault's record with which she disagreed.

Masse later said, through her press secretary, that she had not addressed the expletive to anyone in particular; she was simply disappointed not to have finished her question in the required time, as she had planned, said Simone Lirette, who blamed the incident on "stress."

It's not the first time questionable comments have been made, intending to be off the record. One of the most famous was when former-premier Jean Charest had called the former PQ MNA Elsie Lefebvre a "bitch."

He later apologized for it.

The next government session will resume in September in the National Assembly.

-- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on June 11, 2021. With files from CTV News. 


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