Legault says he'll promise Quebecers more money during fall campaign

Premier François Legault said he intends to again promise Quebecers more money during the campaign for the upcoming election.

While in the Eastern Townships Friday for a sports infrastructure announcement, the premier was asked about inflation and, more specifically, the soaring gas prices that exceeded $2 per litre earlier that day.

Legault repeated that he has no intention of touching the provincial gas tax, a measure he feels would be unfair and bad for the environment.

He recalled how his government gave cheques to low and middle-income households to help them deal with inflation.

He also stressed how, during his first mandate, his government improved family allowances, reduced school taxes and the price of hospital parking, and brought back a single rate in CPE daycares.

"There's an election campaign coming up, and the CAQ has always been the champion of the wallet," Legault said.

"We must continue to put money back into the wallets of Quebecers because inflation is indeed high, very high, exceptionally high."


Legault said labour shortages have given employees the chance to negotiate higher wages, calling it "good news for workers."

He noted that the shortages have forced the government to offer generous incentives to recruit essential health and education workers, but that for the private sector, "there are some businesses where it's going to be more difficult. Take retail, for example. There are going to be fewer employees. It's going to be more about selling and buying online." 

This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on May 6, 2022.


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