Liberal whip Filomena Rotiroti becomes first MNA to test positive for COVID-19

Quebec Liberal Party Official Whip Filomena Rotiroti confirmed on Twitter that she tested positive for COVID-19 on Sat., Feb. 20, 2021. Rotiroti is the first MNA to test positive for the virus since the pandemic began. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Francis Vachon.

Quebec Liberal Party MNA and Chief Official Opposition Whip of the National Assembly Filomena Rotiroti has tested positive for COVID-19.

On Saturday, Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade posted on Twitter that a member of her caucus had tested positive for the virus but did not specify who.

Un membre de notre caucus a été déclaré positif à la COVID-19.

Sachez que toutes les règles de la santé publique ont été respectées.

Cependant, par mesure de précaution, je vais aller passer un test de dépistage.#PolQc #Assnat #PLQ

— Dominique Anglade (@DomAnglade) February 20, 2021

Rotiroti took to her own Twitter account to identify herself as the COVID-positive MNA.

"When I returned to Montreal on Thursday, I learned someone close to me had tested positivef or COVID-19," she wrote. "As a precaution, I immediately went for a test. Unfortunately, this morning I received a positive result."

"I assure you that all the rules of public health have been respected. I am remaining in quarantine and following public health instructions."

À mon retour vers Montréal jeudi j’ai appris qu’une personne de mon entourage avait testé positif à COVID-19. Par mesure de précautions je suis allé immédiatement passer un test. Malheureusement ce matin j’ai reçu un résultat positif. 1/2 #AssNat #COVIDー19

— Filomena Rotiroti (@FiloRotiroti) February 20, 2021

She becomes the first MNA to officially test positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

Anglade said all public health rules have been respected and said she would be tested as a precaution.

On Sunday morning, Anglade wrote on social media that she had recieved a negative test result. 

Je viens de recevoir le résultat de mon test de dépistage pour la COVID-19, il est négatif.

À ma collègue @FiloRotiroti, prends soin de toi et reviens-nous en pleine forme rapidement.#PolQc #Assnat #PLQ

— Dominique Anglade (@DomAnglade) February 21, 2021

The National Assembly was in session this week. Special measures were put in place to ensure the safety of staff and visitors, such as a mask requirement in common areas.  


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