Lime, Bird, Jump: 110 tickets in two weeks for badly parked e-scooters and e-bikes


You've seen them scattered around the city landscape instead of parked in the proper docking station or bike rack - Jump electric bikes operated by Uber and Lime and Bird electric scooters.

Now, over a period of two weeks, the city of Montreal has issued 110 tickets to the companies operating the ride-sharing e-scooters and e-bikes, mostly for improperly parked vehicles, reports Le Devoir.

The newspaper said most of the tickets were for not putting the vehicles upright in designated areas: Lime got the most tickets with 59; Uber got 35; and Bird got 16.

The numbers don't even include tickets given out by police.

The city has followed through on its promise to ticket the companies as of October 21 when the modified bylaw kicked in, cracking down on properly parking the vehicles. The changes were made because the city was unhappy with the way the scooters and bikes were being left all over the place. 

Tickets were given out until November 12 when the first snow fell - the pilot project was supposed to end November 15.

Uber and Lime have yet to comment but Bird said in a statement to CJAD 800 that they are taking these infractions seriously, using pop-up windows in the app telling users how to properly park the e-scooters. They also said they're working with the city on solving the problem, including creating more designated e-scooter parking spots.

The city told CJAD 800 they'll wait for all the numbers to come in and study them before making a final report before spring and coming up with a plan for the next season.