LISTEN: Coderre on Beaver Hall video: 'S—t happens'

Bus Crash

Mayor Denis Coderre seemed to suggest on Thursday that sometimes, slipping and sliding on Montreal's roads is unavoidable in winter.

He spoke with CJAD's Andrew Carter on Thursday morning to answer to the infamous Beaver Hall video from Monday which became an unexpected viral hit — having been seen more than 25 million times around the world, and which even wormed its way into the monologues of some U.S. late-night talk-show hosts.

"Not a day goes by where there isn't some sort of weird story," Andrew told the mayor. 'The whole world saw the bus sliding down the hill the other day."

"S—t happens," was the mayor's immediate response.

Coderre, who paid a visit to CJAD 800 in support of the annual Media Food Drive taking place on Thursday, elaborated on that answer a bit further a few moments later.

"There are some issues sometimes," he said. "They put some salt, it's not that they didn't prevent. Then you had communication issues".

CJAD 800 News has asked the mayor's office for further clarification on his remarks.