LISTEN: Marvin Rotrand won't run for City Councillor again

rotrand CTV Montreal

Marvin Rotrand was re-elected in Snowdon on Sunday for the final time.

On Monday the long-time city councillor told CJAD 800s Aaron Rand that after what will be nearly four decades in municipal politics, it'll be time to say goodbye.

"I'll hit 35 years on November 14th for my first election, so I guess at the end of this term, which by the way I am announcing publicly is my last, it will be 39 years" Rotrand said.

Rotrand was first elected in 1982 and is the dean of the Montreal municipal council. On Sunday he was the only member of Coalition Montreal to be elected.

While his tenth term will be his last, it almost never happened at all.

"I only ran because I want to change political culture in Montreal" Rotrand said. "We've become like a parliament. It's too rigidly partisan in there, the councillors don't work together, there's too much power in the Mayor's office."

In 2002 Rotrand was appointed vice-chair of the STM, a title he held until June of this year when he was relieved of his duties without warning apparently at the behest of Denis Coderre, a move Rotrand later said would cost him more than $30,000 in annual salary.