Local Catholic priest sleeps in the streets for three weeks


Father Claude Paradis says he was simply answering the call of Pope Francis to reach out to the homeless. That's not stopping awe and amazement from those in his order and fellow volunteers at what he set out to do.

The 61-year-old Catholic priest lived with the homeless for 23 days in December.  He says he spent most of his time during the experience feeling cold and hungry, and that his body was in extreme pain after sleeping on the concrete for over three weeks.  On especially cold nights, Paradis said he basically couldn't sleep, and that he would go on long walks to keep his blood pumping.

His peers said Paradis's act of selflessness and solidarity should be inspiring.  "These small initiatives, as small as it can be, tell us why not get close, why not come together, why not connect with each other?" muses Alain Faubert, the auxilary bishop of the Archdiocese of Montreal.

Paradis says he will keep sleeping in the streets on Sunday nights.  He hopes Montrealers will be thinking of what they are able to do to help out others.



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