Local GoFundMe for iPads to help connect families with loved ones at seniors homes during pandemic


With strict visitation restrictions for those in seniors residences and CHSLD's, Facetime and video chats are becoming more popular than ever.

A Montrealer has decided to start a GoFundMecampaign to raise money to provide seniors residences with iPads.

Host of CJAD 800's Life Unrehearsed Matt Del Vecchio said there's been a surge in video chats to connect loved ones who are in seniors residences or long term care homes (CHSLD).

"To bridge the gap - part of the challenge is not a lot of these long term care homes have the equipment  or the iPads to be able to do these videoconferences," said Del Vecchio on the Andrew Carter Show.

Del Vecchio hopes to raise $5000.

"Good to buy around 10 iPads. I started it a few days ago so it's been so encouraging just to see strangers I don't even know contributing to it," said Del Vecchio.

With files from Shuyee Lee


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